New Logo!

Hello friends, we have a new logo!

Some of the thinking that went in the construction:

  • Red/Yellow for colors of Chennai
  • Microchip, that is the foundation of the Computer revolution
  • 1’s and 0’s surrounding the chip as pins, to illustrate binary as building blocks. (We could perhaps encode a small message as binary? )
  • At the center, we have a brain with a circuit half – signaling the fact we are in an era where Computers do a lot of thinking and decision making for us (AI, autonomous vehicles etc). It also indicates the center will nurture creativity & innovation.
  •  The slogan ‘PRESERVE – MAKE – INSPIRE’ to signify what the museum will be promoting.

What do you think of the new logo? We most likely would go through a few iterations of the logo until the construction of the museum. Your feedback will be very valuable!

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