Computer Museum – What & Why?

Come, join us in building a state of the art facility that will inspire our current and future generations, promote technology awareness and bridge the gap between industry and academics!

The computer museum is an institution, serving both general public and specialists. A computer museum is devoted to the study of historic computer hardware and software. It acquires, conserves, researches, communicates, and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of Computers, for the purposes of education, study, and enjoyment.

The Indian economy is the world’s sixth largest by nominal GDP. India is the seventh-largest country by area and the second-most populous country. Developed countries such as USA, Germany and UK have at least 10 computer museums and even smaller countries such as South Korea, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia and Slovenia have one each but none in India. The Chennai based NGO, ‘Computer Museum Society‘ has been launched to promote establishment of Computer Museums in India. It has also decided to establish the First Computer Museum of India in Chennai.

The Chennai Computer Museum will:

  • House a variety of historical artifacts that will inspire awe, generate interest in Computing and encourage innovation.
  • Showcase the achievements of local Computer Scientists, makers and entrepreneurs.
  • Nurture the maker culture by providing a maker space and hosting events.
  • Strengthen STEM education.

Who are we?

Formed in April 2019 by a team of Academicians and IT Professionals, the Computer Museum Society (CMS) is envisaged by Dr. B.Govindarajalu, a former professor, author, technology consultant, and an entrepreneur.

Why we need you?

  • Help us shape the vision.
  • Provide us inputs and help with planning, gathering artifacts and raising funds.
  • Register your interest so we can keep in touch with you and provide updates.
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