Individual memBers

Individuals (other than students) interested in the field of computers / IT can join as Life Members.  Student members will be enrolled through institutions. Life Members for individuals are of two types: Primary Life Member and Associate Life Member.

Privileges of Life Membership:
  • Get Unique ID and prestigious Life Membership Certificate 
  • Receive Periodic notifications, e-newsletters and publications directly in your mail box.
  • Receive Complimentary invitation to participate in events (Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Symposium etc.) organised by CMS either for FREE or at concessional rate. 
  • Leadership opportunities to develop your academic, research and professional interests. 
  • Opportunity to mentor young aspiring scientists, enthusiasts & computer professionals
  • Opportunity to network with professional peers
Life Member – Primary : 

A graduate or diploma holder, at least 25 years of age, with a minimum of three years of experience in service, business, teaching or research.  Primary life members can participate in management committees with voting rights in addition to active participation in various activities and events. Perks to Primary Life Member include  free entry to museum, discount in the museum stores, food court, priority access to museum seminars, lectures, innovation labs to access software tools and support etc.

A one-time fee of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) has to be paid along with the application for Primary life membership.  

Special Discount offer 

20 % discount in Primary Life Memberships of Individuals of following three categories:

  • Employees (Teaching / Non-Teaching and Administration / Support) working in Government recognised Academic Institutions
  • Life Members of Technical Societies such as CSI /IEEE /ACM etc.
  • Senior Citizens of age 60 and above.
Life Member – Associate :

Any person, at least 18 years of age is eligible.  Associate Life Members have no voting rights but can participate in activities and events in addition to volunteering. A one-time fee of Rs. 3,000 (Rupees Three Thousand Only) has to be paid along with the application for Associate life membership. There is provision for future upgrade to Primary Life Membership on fulfilling the requirements of Primary Life membership and payment of upgrade fee.

Student Members :

Student members will be enrolled through institutions For Student members, annual subscription is Rs. 500 (Rupees five hundreds only).