Corporate Membership:

Any firm / company engaged in academic / business activities associated or interested with    Electronics / Computers / Digital and Quantum Computing can join as Life Member (Corporate). The Corporate / Industry shall nominate one or more representatives to represent the firm / company in the Society activities. (Number of Nominees vary for different levels, CL1 to CL5).  One-time fee ranging from Rs.10,000/ (Rupees Ten thousand only) onwards based on the industry / institution’s grading into five levels.

Corporate Membership Fee: Academic:
Life Membership Fee (Rs.)
Number of Nominees
CL1 School 10,000 1
CL2 Polytechnic 50,000 2
CL3 Arts & Science / Law College 1,50,000 3
CL4 Business Management / Architecture / Engineering / Medical College 3,00,000 4
CL4 University 5,00,000 5
Corporate Membership Fee: Non-Academic
Annual Turnover (Rs. In lakhs)
Life Membership Fee (Rs.)
Number of Nominees
CL1 Up to 20 10,000 1
CL2 20 – 50 50,000 2
CL3 50 – 100 1,50,000 3
CL4 100 – 300 3,00,000 4
CL4 Above 300 5,00,000 5

Nominees’ details – Faculty / Staff Members: (Number of Nominees vary for different levels, CL1 to CL5): They will be offered free Individual Life Membership of CMS to be valid during the period  of employment with all the rights including voting. Please nominate such a person, who is currently not the member of CMS. All the nominee members are also required to fill up another form applicable for Individual life membership, and send the same along with this form.